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About Unstukk

Unstukk is an independent health equity transformation consultancy, born out of the desire to help support people and their organisations to build the capacity to create meaningful change within the field of public health. 

Grounded in biomimetics, the ‘Unstukk Method’ is based on eight select public health principles that have been shown to improve how systems and the people who work in them can adapt their existing approaches to create more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable ways of tackling health inequalities, wherever they are.

We do this through compassionate and inclusive leadership, organisational development, strategic road mapping, operational management, health, wellbeing and equality consultancy, education, training, and facilitation.

My Story

I was stuck. Like really stuck. I was going through the daily motions in a career I knew wasn't going anywhere. I was focused on making everybody else happy and had sidelined my vision for my future...until I said, "No more."

Today, I am a highly-skilled public health professional, thought leader, and Charity CEO with experience spanning research, academia, education, direct patient care, community health coaching, health, wellbeing and equality programme development, strategic leadership, and operational management.

In my wider work, I specialise in community engagement, capacity building, and social wealth development. I take a multidisciplinary approach to public health innovation and practice.

As the Director and Principal Consultant at Unstukk, I support people and their organisations to build capacity through adaption, using public health principles.

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