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Let's get Unstukk!

Helping people and their organisations to build capacity through adaption, using public health principles

About Unstukk

Unstukk is an independent health equity transformation consultancy, born out of the desire to help support people and their organisations to build the capacity to create meaningful change within and beyond the field of public health. 

Grounded in biomimetics, the ‘Unstukk Method’ is based on eight select public health principles that have been shown to improve how systems and the people who work in them can adapt their existing approaches to create more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable ways of tackling health inequalities, wherever they are.

We do this through compassionate and inclusive leadership, organisational development, strategic road mapping, operational management, research, evaluation, training, and facilitation.

Our Values

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Let's get Unstukk!

Let's get Unstukk!

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Our Principles






Social Justice



About the founder

As an internationally educated scientist, educator, public health practitioner, academic, health equity strategist and former charity CEO, Harvey brings multi-dimensional insight to every opportunity. Over time, his cross-sector experience has enhanced his capabilities in organisational strategy, leadership, management, operations, financial

management, fundraising, and community engagement.

He is a highly skilled integrated public health practitioner with multi-sector experience across health, wellbeing and equality programme design, development, and evaluation, with additional experience of strategic leadership and operational management. His expertise stems from his experience across public health, healthcare, research, education, leadership, and people management, across the NHS, VCSE sector, and both secondary and higher education. 

At the community level, Harvey implements innovative public health approaches to community engagement, academic research, social wealth development, collective empowerment, and capacity building to tackle long-standing health disparities for marginalised and vulnerable groups.



Straight from the Source

Impact is everything! The feeling of getting Unstukk means moving from a state of feeling 'stuck' to getting on with achieving your dreams! What better way to evidence this than by hearing from members of the Unstukk community?

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Léla Campbell, PGCE, DTLLS
Co-founder UXL4Life | Head Tutor/Centre Manager

“I’ve worked with Harvey on a number of projects, including the development of my own website. Harvey shows great passion in what he does. He has a very meticulous approach to his work and has great attention to detail. He gave highly constructive feedback with regards to how we could further develop our website, which allows us to make the necessary adaptations in order to make the platform more user-friendly, improving the customer experience.”


Have a particular challenge you’re trying to tackle but not sure where to start? Contact me today and see what I can do for you.

Unstukk Ltd. 
20-22 Wedlock Rd., London N1 7GU

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